Two Local Entrepreneurs (Me) Launch

The informational website offers party-goers a one-stop shop for checking out all Raleigh has to offer for New Year’s Eve

(Raleigh) – Lisa Jeffries, owner of Raleighwood Media Group + Raleighwood Event Group and Evan Roberts, owner of local search marketing company, Search Sage have announced a joint venture aimed at bringing local party-goers an informational web guide to all that the Capital City and its surrounding areashave to offer this New Year’s Eve.

The site,, goes above and beyond the traditional online event listing site to offer visitors a chance to narrow down their search by certain preferences like location, cover charge price ranges, dinner offerings, live music performances, and more. For each listing, contact information is provided for the host venue so that those who find their perfect New Year’s Eve fit can also make the next step in establishing contact, and if necessary, reservations or ticket purchases for the evening ahead of time. They can also share their favorites with their own contacts and social networks and check out maps for each destination
“Like a lot of great ideas, this one started during a conversation in a bar”, jokes Jeffries. “I was sitting at the new Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern<
(http://www.HuntersOakCity.comwith one of the owners, Zack, and we were trying to figure out what everyone was doing for New Year’s. We both remembered being invited to parties here and there on facebook, but since that medium is becoming increasingly crowded; we hadn’t paid much attention to the details for each. That’s when I started keeping a list as to who (as in venues) were doing what.”

“It was when I had this conversation two more times – once with Evan (he asked for a recommendation for somewhere nice he could treat his girlfriend to on New Year’s Eve) and once with friends from out of town (who wanted to have a plan made before their arrival in Raleigh on the 31st) – that I knew there was a significant need for something like this. Something individuals and venue-owners alike could add to and benefit from. Before I knew it, Evan and I had this whole project online and we were ready to share it with everyone”, adds Jeffries.

“I’ve been frustrated with other local websites for some time, but trying to find New Year’s Eve information specifically was nearly impossible,” says Roberts. It reinforced the idea for me that Raleigh needed a website that was user-friendly enough to be helpful to people who are aren’t interested in combing twenty different websites to find what they’re looking for. is just the tipping point, so I’m really excited for what we’ll be able to do after this!

In addition to listings for New Year’s Eve events, restaurants, bars, service providers, and the like can also place premium relevant advertisements on the site for as little as $10.00 a day. “We wanted to offer local businesses a really affordable way to add some extra impact to their New Year’s Eve marketing, on top of a basic listing. So many of them are locally-owned and add a lot of the economic prosperity of our area, it’s hard not to want to add a little something extra for them… but at a price that doesn’t require a year’s worth of investment”, notes Jeffries.

For more information, visit http://www.RaleighNYE.comor email

About started as a joint venture between Lisa Jeffries, owner of Raleighwood Media Group + Raleighwood Event Group, and Evan Roberts, owner of Search Sage. In a casual conversation one day about the vast array of options that Raleigh has to offer for New Year’s Eve, we quickly realized there was not a “one-stop shop” for that information… or at least one where you could pick and choose your destination based on your preferences. So we set out to create – the place for all of your Raleigh New Year’s Eve details! Visit to check out all that our great area has to offer this December 31st!

Twitter Comes to Life

Went to a local gathering of marketing/web people that was put together by some twitter people and called it the #Pittweetup It was a pretty good time, made some good contacts and ate some damn good food.  One of my new Tweeps, Chris, has one of the coolest business cards ever. No design, only text but its on a thick piece of recycled paper which I think is awesome b/c I hate killing trees.

Anyway looking forward to the next ‘Tweetup’, let me know if you want to come on out.

U2 in Raleigh 2009, Carter Finley Stadium

This was easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.  What an amazing evening. I’ve added the set list below the video.

Set List

Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day / C Moon (snippet)
No Line On The Horizon
In A Little While
New Year’s Day
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For / Stand By Me (snippet)
Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
The Unforgettable Fire, Mofo (snippet)
City Of Blinding Lights
I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight / Thank You (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Again) (snippet)
Sunday Bloody Sunday / Rock The Casbah (snippet) / People Get Ready (snippet)
Walk On / You’ll Never Walk Alone (snippet)
One / Amazing Grace (snippet)
Where The Streets Have No Name
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

The Smartest Things Ever Said About “Doing it Yourself”

Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skills to do difficult things easily. -Friedrick Schiller

The rules are simple. Take your work, but never yourself, seriously.  Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will come out. – Chuck Jones

If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams – Les Brown

To solve any problem, here are three questions to ask yourself; First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And third, who could I ask? – Jim Rohn

Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient -Aristotle

Surfer Dude Soundtrack

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like this movie. No idea why but I do know that i like the music and since there is no official soundtrack I’m using this post as my notepad for the song listings, so I can get them at a later date. Or if anyone has any of them that they would like to send to me, feel free. thx

  1. Star-Spangled Banner – Preformed by: Matthew McCanaughey and Blake Neely
  2. Xavier Rudd – Mother
  3. Xavier Rudd – Come Let Go
  4. Xavier Rudd – Fuk It
  5. Daniel Heath – Chasing the Dream
  6. Daniel Heath – Thump it
  7. Potent – To Far Away
  8. Potent – Run and Play
  9. Psideralica – This is my Life
  10. Bermudez Triangle – Este Amor (Carnival Version)
  11. Deep Sonic – The High
  12. Nekal B. – No Pants Requried
  13. Nekal B. – Too Tired to Quit
  14. Dirty Heads – Hip Hop Misfits
  15. Mishka – Coastline Journey
  16. Mishka – 3rd Eye Vission
  17. Higore – Virgin Lust

How to Visit the Igazu Falls Tips

Ok , so I have all these posts about South America written and in drafts but because of laziness and being busy I haven’t had the time to dedicate to them to post them.  But a friend of mine is making the trip to Igazu Falls and asked for some advice so I’m putting this one up.  For those looking for my Igazu pictures you can find them all here

View from the Upper Trail sunrise

View from the Upper Trail sunrise

Since I’ve already gushed about how much I love the Igazu Falls so I’ll try to refrain from too much fawning over the most amazing site I’ve ever seen and stick to the best way to enjoy the falls.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Take the 2nd bus from central bus terminal to the park, while you could take the first one the park is not open by the time you arrive so you’ll be standing at the gate waiting, might as well sleep in a little bit longer.
  • We skipped the overloaded train and walked the “Verde Trail” which takes you to the same place as the first train station but without the masses.  Be sure to pick up a free map of the falls from the entrance.
  • Now here is the key: Most of the crowd stays on the train and goes directly to the Garganta Del Diablo which is definitely amazing but if you skip the Devil’s Throat and walk to the upper trail from the first train station, you’ll be greeted by some of the most amazing panaoramic views you’ll ever see without hardly seeing a person.  I believe Scott and I saw 4 other people the whole time we walked the upper trail.  Not only that, but it is the perfect light for photographs if you’re into that thing like I am.
  • After a few hours on the upper trails, get on the train to the Garganta del Diablo (or walk the 2km trail) and check out the waterfall that everyone talks about.  It’s amazing and if you are lucky enough to dodge the Asian tour groups you’ll be able to get a good picture or two.  It’s pretty easy to stay ahead of them if you walk with a quicker pace.
  • Take the train back to the main station (where the Verde Trail lets out) and head on down to the lower trail.  From here you’ll be able to take the boat over to island and after a quick dip in the river, hit the 200 plus stairs up for some more amazing and even more up close views of the falls.
  • After that, you should be close to worn out and able to catch the last bus back to town which I think was around 4pm.
  • A few more quick tips.  Bring lunch and have a picnic overlooking the falls, you won’t regret it.
  • Wear sunscreen and comfortable shoes.
  • Bring WATER, it was hot as hell while we were there.
  • Plan on getting wet, especially at the Devil’s Throat and the Lower Trail.
  • If you have the time go to the restaurant named Color and order the Lomo in pepper sauce, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever tasted, too bad Scott ordered it!  Around 10pm it picks up and we were even lucky enough to have Los de Igazu playing some amazing live music for us.
  • Another surprisingly good meal was the chicken tenders from the bus station restaurant, they were actually some of the best I’ve ever had.  We liked them so much we went back a few times and the guy behind the counter would laugh as we’d order them again.
  • We stayed at the Marco Polo Inn room #1 it was a nice and friendly place with a good location near the bus terminal but we heard the Hostel Inn was a really good place to stay.  The location was well out of town but they arranged cheap transportation for the quick ride into town and also had a lot of cool sounding activities.
  • If you are flying in.  Book your minibus return trip to the airport in advance, it will be a good deal cheaper than a cab and its impossible to get the minibus if you don’t book before hand.
  • Also, we found out late that for the 5 days surrounding the Full Moon you can visit the Falls at night which should provide some amazing views and night photography.

Hope this is semi helpful for anyone planning on visiting Puerto Igazu and the Igazu Falls.

Have a great time Annie!

Argentina: Back to Buenos Aires

After a kickass time in Puerto Igazu we hopped a plane back to Buenos Aires for one more day of the big city before we head south to Patagonia. We knew we didn’t have much time in BA but looking back on it we definitely think another day or two there is in order. For no other reason other than the fact we feel like we missed something although we aren’t sure what exactly.

We used our last day in Buenos Aires to explore a few unseen areas, shop at some local markets and visit the famous Recoleta Cemetary. We got off the plane, jumped in a cab and asked to go to the cemetary, which must have been an odd request bc the old driver looked at us like we were crazy. The cemetary is unlike any other cemetery Ive ever seen. There are no rolling hills of green grass lined with small tombstones, but instead a few blocks of large sarcophagi (monuments) stuffed into every square inch of this place. And discounting the tourists in this place, it felt alive. Scott and I both felt a very odd vibe walking through this place and didn’t linger around very long.

We left and thought it would be easy to walk to the nearest subte (subway) station and catch it to our hostel which was yet another bad Buenos Aires decision as we ended up walking what must have been 55 blocks! At least we did our best to see the entire city.

Back at our hostel to do some planning for the next day’s trip and take a very Argentinian mid-day nap. During which Scott scouted out a classic tango show nearby that we figured we’d check out while in Argentina. So around 930pm we stumbled to the uncrowded show and paid yet another price that was at least twice as much as specified in our trusty lonely planet! We were told the show was delayed and we could head upstairs to the tango class to participate or watch. Since I couldn’t get Senor Scott to tango with me we just watched for a bit until we were told the show was canceled and given our money back. We left still ignorant of the tango and hit the streets in search of dessert and cerveza and when we found a place Scott got a bit over his head with his dulche de leche crepes and ice cream soda, but it was delicious!

Back at our hostel it didn’t take long for us to get ready for our early flight and pass out.

Buenos Aires highlights
– Markets
– recoletta cemetary
– 16 lane highway
– unreal cityscapes
– dinner with the girls
– Beef! (and other organs)
– buddy bears
– monster calzones
– converter searching
– painting with fire
– introduction to Quilmes
– sketchy taxis

Argentina: Puerto Igazu & Igazu Falls

This will be a short entry because nothing my feeble brain can write will do the Igazu Falls any kind of justice. I doubt even my pictures will but they will get their own post when I get home. The attached picture was taken from my lame iPhone camera with only a small portion of the falls visible.


Small portion of Igazu Falls taken with the iPhone

Simply put the Igazu Falls were the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen, I can not even imagine anything else taking my breath away like they did. Across every catwalk and around every bend my jaw would drop farther and farther. It’s a must see!

Puerto Igazu, the town that hosts the falls is a great little place a bit touristy but still full of charm. They have to be doing something right if it’s the top destination for Argentinians every year.

Puerto Igazu Highlights:
the Falls
– Scott’s clay face – some local made Scott´s face out of clay while we ate dinner, it was hilarious! 
– best steak ever @ Color… Too bad Scott ordered it and not me!
– Live music by Los de Igazu (bought the CDs)
– super chill hostel outside bar with new facebook friend Ignacio the bartender / DJ with great music.

More to come on the Igazu Falls as I have time.

Bienvenietos Argentina

Day 1 and 2 were officially the longest 48 hrs ever. Somehow on our overnight flight from Miami we got bumped from our exit row seats to middle isle seats on a 747, ugh! Thankfully there weren’t any large freakos next to us but it made sleeping nearly impossible. Thanks to Tylenol PM I got in a couple of hours using my bag as a pillow on the tray table and scotty got some thanks to his neck snuggie (patent pending!)

We stumbled through customs and bumbled our way to a bus to take us to our hostel….or so we thought. The bus lumbered through the slums of BA and eventually came to a stop at a mini estacition. “this can’t be it” Scott says to me, we are in the middle of the city with no landmarks in sight. We sit on the bus for a minute pondering where we are and what we are doing until we realized we were the only ones left on the bus, other than the Dutch woman who was as confused as we were. “this must be it” we said to each other, so we grabbed our bags and hopped off. We asked for directions to a landmark we knew of but had no clue what the guy was talking about. To make a long story short (and less boring) we wandered about 15 city blocks dodging traffic and pedestraians while the hot Sun beat down on us. Sweat covered and starving we finally found our hostel and made bee-line to the biggest steak we could find.

The rest of the day was filled with taking 334 wrong turns as we made our way through the city looking at the sites until we made it back to the hostel and collapsed for a bit.  Breanne had given us an email address of an old roommate who now lives in Argentina and to our surprise she was in Buenos Aires!  I had emailed her early in the day and she promptly replied and offered to drag us two gringos around with her and her friends to dinner and some drinks.  We were dead tired but hell we are only in BA once (ok twice but whatever) so we obliged and she gave us directions to meet her at her flat.  Scotty and I hopped the subway to meet up with Rachel and after a few drinks went out to a typical Argentine dinner at 10:30pm.  We ate at one of their typical favorite spots and it was delicious.  Scotty had an Salmon dish and I had a pasta dish while we shared some misc. dips and spreads that were delicious even though no one knew what they were.   I also found a red wine that I liked, which is  big for me since I am not a big red wine fan but the 2007 Trumpeter Malbec was delicious and right up my alley.  Rumors are abundant that we can ship cases of wine back to the US, which Ill be sure to do if the chance presents itself. 

I have no idea what time we got home but thanks to Rachel, Kelly and Molly for a good time and if by some chance they read this, dont worry we didnt get kidnapped and we dodged all the zombie dust attempts.

Next stop, Puerto Igazu for the Igazu Falls!

ps’ sorry for the lack of punctuation, these keyboards are ridiculous!