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Twitter Comes to Life

Went to a local gathering of marketing/web people that was put together by some twitter people and called it the #Pittweetup It was a pretty good time, made some good contacts and ate some damn good food.  One of my new Tweeps, Chris, has one of the coolest business cards ever. No design, only text but its on a thick piece of recycled paper which I think is awesome b/c I hate killing trees.

Anyway looking forward to the next ‘Tweetup’, let me know if you want to come on out.

The Perfect Start to a Birthday Week

My friends absolutely rock.  They really know how to make a guy feel special and its awesome.  With my birthday coming up in 3 minutes they’ve been ‘secretly’ planning the festivities and there is rumored to be a 91 (and counting) email chain going around, which the mere thought of makes me laugh.  I can only imagine some of the comments being thrown around.   I don’t have much of an idea of what all is going down but it is setting up to be an awesome week/weekend and today couldn’t have started off any better.

My rents brought my roommate and I a Sicilian pizza from one of my favorite spots in Apex and it was fantastic as usual.  The pizza is not your typical pre-game sporting meal but in this case I wouldn’t have it any other way because the night turned out fantastic.

My team, the Club’d Seals (don’t ask, our sponsor is a bit of a free spirit), is a great group of people we slapped together  for the first time this season.  We’ve had our ups and downs and finished the regular season at 9-7 which considering we started 1 and 3 was pretty good  We we’re the #3 seed going into the tourny and put it together at the right time.  We scraped by our first game and then in the 2nd round we played our best defensive game of the year and beat the #2 seed who was on a 15 game winning streak.   It was a pretty big upset and put us in prime position for the next 2 rounds.   We ended up facing the the #6 seed who had just previously beaten the #1 seed (who also got disqualified from the tourny for cheating!) while we didn’t have three of our regular guys (we were at the State vs FSU game ).  Our subs stepped in and stepped up big squeaking out a 1 run victory which lead us up to tonights game vs the #2 seed again.

We came out and scored a quick run and went up 1-0 and from there we never looked back.  We slowly added onto the lead until it was 7-0 and then 8-1 going into the 6th inning.  We slipped up and let them crawl back into it and went into the bottom of the 7th and last inning up 8-7.  There first batter hits a deep line drive and my dumbass slips on my first step back and never recovered.  He gets to third and they proceeded to get him on another sacrifice fly to me.  We got 2 more outs and went into extra innings.   The Seals came up huge in the overtime with clutch hitting from everyone.  We scored 2 in the first extra inning and so did they.  We scored 3 more in the 9th inning and so did they.  It was a see-saw battle that no one could get the leg up on. 

Tension was high coming into the 10th inning. With one on and no outs it came to the top of the order.  Todd hits a beautiful single up the middle advancing our runner to third and then Katie drove her in with a single down the line.  I came up with no outs and 2 on and hit one of the better hits I’ve had this year out to right field and when it hit the ground it was spinning so hard it kicked away from the fielder.  The runners scored and I was able to make it to third for a triple.  We got a couple more clutch hits and were able to tack on 6 runs putting us up 19-13.  Our defense held them to 2 runs in the bottom of the last innings and that was the ball game.  Seals Win!  I can’t remember being so fired up from a softball game or any game for that matter.  The team finally gelled and we played spectacular defense, my roommate Mark especially, but it was an all around effort.  Great pitching from Kim, great hitting from everyone and a great team performance even from our faithful cheerleaders!

We did get hosed and don’t get a trophy but we do get to add these hotness champion t-shirts to our collection.

I’m looking forward to playing with the team again but for now: Thanks for a great b-day present Seals.

Kickball Championship….check!
Cisco 4-man Golf Championship…..check!
and now
Softball Championship…..check!

Confessions of a Referee

A good friend of mine is a long time ref. I figured I’d ask him a few questions yesterday….

Ref: dude…
Ref: I refereed a Varsity girls basketball game last night…
Ref: the final score was 85 – 27
Evan: good god
Ref: there were scouts there and everything
Ref: these girls HAMMERED their opponent
Evan: I have to apologize to you a long time ref, I created a chant while in college… I’m Blind I’m Def, I wanna be a Ref
Evan: sorry 🙂
Ref: lol
Ref: yea…
Ref: I got heckled last night because of two 5-seconds calls
Evan: haha
Ref: these girls were so bad I had two 5 seconds out of bounds calls and a 10 second backcourt call
Ref: they had a sexy coach though
Evan: do you call make up calls?
Ref: never
Evan: lies!
Ref: I call what I see
Evan: haha
Ref: trust me…
Evan: i believe in makeup calls
Ref: I get crap EVERYTIME for not making makeup calls
Ref: even from other officials
Ref: I don’t believe in it
Evan: ever blow the whistle and say oh shit i blew that one
Ref: all the time
Evan: lol
Ref: I flat out told a coach “yea coach…I blew that one, I missed it”
Evan: lol
Ref: he goes, “I know”
Evan: and you never call a questionable one the other way to make up for it?
Evan: even subconsciously?
Ref: I’m sure I’ve made a mistake here or there
Ref: but I don’t consciously makeup for it
Evan: do you think other refs do?
Ref: I know they do *Evan’s Commentary* Your secret is out Ron Cherry!*
Ref: they shouldn’t…but they do
Evan: I’ll block out your name, but i’m posting this convo on my blog as “confessions of a referee!”
Ref: lol..ok

Happy Birthday Scooglesbrewott

Brew-Halloween-2007Happy Birthday to my good buddy Scott (Scoogles or Brew to you). He’s growing up so fast, it seems like just yesterday he was baby but now he’s grown up into that 100% hard core gangster we all thought he could be.brew-hardcore

Happy Birthday Buddy!

*If anyone wants to come out with us tonight, let me know we’re gonna have a big time!

Tom O’Brien Stole My Philosophy on Friends.

Caulton Tudor had a good read about NC State’s new football coach Tom O’Brien in this weeks paper. It essentially talks about how much respect TOB is gaining throughout the state from high school coaches and media types but I took something else out of it. TOB’s philosophy on friends is exactly the same conclusion that I came too a month ago:

O’Brien and some of his friends decided that life is too short for good friends to become disconnected by professional obligations, be they Xs and Os or corporate board meetings. They vowed to get together for something special every other year thereafter.

I came to that same conclusion with my CORH group of friends and set in motion a plan so that we do something every year. Each year someone from the group picks something for us to do or a place to go and the rest of us have to work our schedules around it. This year should be the first trip somewhere.

Now, if I could only get that slapnut in Seattle to do the same, I’d be off to a nice start.

Baby Royal Rumble Round 1!

There has been a lot of talk about whose got the most kickass kid, but it has as much controversy surrounding as the BCS. So I propose we settle it on the field …..err… blog.

Please welcome our participants to the first ever:

Emerson “Book Worm” Belsky Bryce “Nap Masta” Brandow
Age: ~18 months old Age: 19 months old
From: Parts Unknown From: LBC (Lower Bottom Cary)
Reach: 10 inches Reach: 9 inches
Specialty: Biting, Pooping, PPC Specialty: Pooping, Keg Stands, Cartoons
Finishing Move: Boston Crab Figure 4 Leg Lock
Manager: Old Man Belsky Manager: Older Man Brandow


This proves to be a worthy battle as both fighters have studied the works of the great masters Koko B. Ware and Jimmy “SupaFly” Snuka and have extensive training by their managers who both specialize in the 12oz curls. But looking at the matchups here is what I see:

Age: With age comes wisdom, and experience but also comes achy bones and more diapers. Edge: Book Worm

Birthplace: Speculation has it that Book Worm Belsky has roots in southern cali and potential Southside Boston but we here at EKR have been told BWB has been spotted rolling in grocery carts in the Wake Forest area of NC. Edge: Nap Masta (Cary rules)

10 inches vs 9 inches, its all in the pedigree Edge Book Worm

while both have mastered the art of pooping we believe that the keg stands and cartoons are going to keep the Nap Masta loose and ready. Edge Nap Masta

Finishing Move
: We’ve never seen anyone escape from the Figure 4, but getting put in a Boston Crab by a female is just embarrassing: Push

both fighters come from a grade A pedigree (thanks to their moms) their managers’ style can be closely compared to Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart. Push

Well Folks, it looks like its too close to call so we will have to leave this one to an audience vote in the polls.

If that poll does not look right you may need to go here or View Poll here