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Two Local Entrepreneurs (Me) Launch

The informational website offers party-goers a one-stop shop for checking out all Raleigh has to offer for New Year’s Eve

(Raleigh) – Lisa Jeffries, owner of Raleighwood Media Group + Raleighwood Event Group and Evan Roberts, owner of local search marketing company, Search Sage have announced a joint venture aimed at bringing local party-goers an informational web guide to all that the Capital City and its surrounding areashave to offer this New Year’s Eve.

The site,, goes above and beyond the traditional online event listing site to offer visitors a chance to narrow down their search by certain preferences like location, cover charge price ranges, dinner offerings, live music performances, and more. For each listing, contact information is provided for the host venue so that those who find their perfect New Year’s Eve fit can also make the next step in establishing contact, and if necessary, reservations or ticket purchases for the evening ahead of time. They can also share their favorites with their own contacts and social networks and check out maps for each destination
“Like a lot of great ideas, this one started during a conversation in a bar”, jokes Jeffries. “I was sitting at the new Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern<
(http://www.HuntersOakCity.comwith one of the owners, Zack, and we were trying to figure out what everyone was doing for New Year’s. We both remembered being invited to parties here and there on facebook, but since that medium is becoming increasingly crowded; we hadn’t paid much attention to the details for each. That’s when I started keeping a list as to who (as in venues) were doing what.”

“It was when I had this conversation two more times – once with Evan (he asked for a recommendation for somewhere nice he could treat his girlfriend to on New Year’s Eve) and once with friends from out of town (who wanted to have a plan made before their arrival in Raleigh on the 31st) – that I knew there was a significant need for something like this. Something individuals and venue-owners alike could add to and benefit from. Before I knew it, Evan and I had this whole project online and we were ready to share it with everyone”, adds Jeffries.

“I’ve been frustrated with other local websites for some time, but trying to find New Year’s Eve information specifically was nearly impossible,” says Roberts. It reinforced the idea for me that Raleigh needed a website that was user-friendly enough to be helpful to people who are aren’t interested in combing twenty different websites to find what they’re looking for. is just the tipping point, so I’m really excited for what we’ll be able to do after this!

In addition to listings for New Year’s Eve events, restaurants, bars, service providers, and the like can also place premium relevant advertisements on the site for as little as $10.00 a day. “We wanted to offer local businesses a really affordable way to add some extra impact to their New Year’s Eve marketing, on top of a basic listing. So many of them are locally-owned and add a lot of the economic prosperity of our area, it’s hard not to want to add a little something extra for them… but at a price that doesn’t require a year’s worth of investment”, notes Jeffries.

For more information, visit http://www.RaleighNYE.comor email

About started as a joint venture between Lisa Jeffries, owner of Raleighwood Media Group + Raleighwood Event Group, and Evan Roberts, owner of Search Sage. In a casual conversation one day about the vast array of options that Raleigh has to offer for New Year’s Eve, we quickly realized there was not a “one-stop shop” for that information… or at least one where you could pick and choose your destination based on your preferences. So we set out to create – the place for all of your Raleigh New Year’s Eve details! Visit to check out all that our great area has to offer this December 31st!

ESPN to Create a Sports MySpace

My ideas are going faster then I can create them.. First it was the Beer Belly and now this. ESPN is going to create a MySpace for sports teams. This is just getting out of hand. I know Brew and I talked about this, and also Joe and I did several months ago. Its a great idea.

The sports / myspace idea is an awesome. Just think of all the fantasy sports geeks on the web everyday offering up poor fantasy trades, populating their lineups, and trolling message boards out there to drool over every little prospect, news report and whatever else concerning their team. These are die hard fans, and if you can round them up in one place, thing of the marketing power you’d have. You could promote to teams, schools, car flag pushers, the possibilities are endless.

The thought of anyone else making millions off of my idea makes me tear up!

I guess there is still hope, ESPN has been known to execute, (how do i say this nicely?)…..HORRIBLY on some projects with lots of potential. *See ESPNmotion, mobileESPN, ESPNpodcenter.

with that said:

If anyone knows where I can get some investment capital please let me know!!! I can get these ideas up and running before the rest of these chumps and make some $texas$ for us all. I might as well just start jotting them down here so that I can at least get credit for them when they are mercilessly stolen and someone else takes credit, so here goes some:

(at a high level, you’re not getting details unless you got the cheddar!)
Recipe Search Engine, Health Search Engine (frankly, webMD is poop), a / College Humor hybrid (and for other verticles), Social Networking for different verticles (sports, women, elderly), geo-aware social networking (the next big thing you heard it here first)…and the list goes on… I’ll add to it later

*And for the record, Joe and I had the whole MySpace idea before MySpace did but we didn’t think it would catch on. WHOOPS!