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Google is Broken. Open Your Mind to New Engines

Every day thousands of people try to solve the enigma that is the Google ranking algorithim. Well, today I am going on record saying that I think it sucks. Something has got to change there seems to be so much garbage it takes forever to filter through to find what you want. Here is an example.

I google’d ‘Exotic Hotels’ and here is a portion of the screenshot with the results. What is wrong with this picture?
Exotic Hotels
I would love to hear from Google why Best Freakin’ Western is at #11? Google has some serious issues which seem to be more and more evident lately.

I did the same search on (MSN Search) and to see if it was a Google problem or all engines. has decent results, but the nextag link at #2 really concerns me. had excellent results. I am going to try to get out of the google habit and use more. I emplore others to do the same.

Don’t settle for poor SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Try out and before going to Google for once. Don’t let Google get away with mediocrity.

Tell your friends, Blog it, hire a plane and sky write it… Search elsewhere!


Cool Page Rank Tool, Search Results HiJacking, and Live

Check this cool page rank tool out. It overlays a PR image on all of the links on a page.

Hijacking Search Results Through DNS Cache Poisoning [via SERT]

Froogle on Steriods? The Windows Live team is working on a product search that will put froogle to shame. I’ll let you know when it comes out or you can watch for yourself at the Live blog ->…[via liveside]

The Cause

Use Google to Search for Free Music

*disclaimer* While you are using legal tools (ie Google) to download this music, it is most likely not legal unless you own a tape or disc original.

I already knew how to use Google’s search commands to find lots of stuff, including music, open web cams, and ‘Evan Roberts‘ :), but it is not the easiest thing to explain to people. I often get the question from people, whats the best place to download music, or “how do I download music?”. My usually response is ‘use itunes’. Personally, I do not use itunes but it is extremely easy to use, even for non-tech people. If I WERE going to download some music w/o paying for it, I would probably use Bit Torrent. Bit Torrent is not for the average user though. It can do a lot of harm and get you in a lot of trouble if you do not know what you are doing.

Well, finally there is an alternative to itunes for people. It is using Google to find and download music without having to know extensive search parameters. The program is called G2P, which is essentially using “Google Hacks” to find links to where people have music which you can download. This is not legal. Google is finding folders on people’s webspace where they have shared music, most likely by accident.

With that said. Go here to Search. and comment on this post if you have any questions.

happy googling.

Check Your Google Search History. Its Scary!

So my friend and I were playing around with Google search results and wondering why we were getting different results for simple phrases we searched on. After a few minutes I realized it was b/c of Google’s personalized search.

Personalized Search is a Google accounting setting that attempts adjust its search results based on search results you have clicked on before.

That is the good side of it.

Now for the bad. If you have a google account (gmail or one of google’s many other services) then you should check out the ‘Search History‘ link at the top of the Google homepage. This will show you in its entirety EVERY web search you have ever made on Google, broken down by day, subject, clicked on, searches with no clicks, total (mine was 4571) etc etc etc. That is just scary.

There is no need for that. Who actually goes back and looks at their search queries? at the bottom of the left hand page there is a ‘clear search history’ link. I cleared the entire history and paused all personalization services and history.

I know according to the Google privacy policy they still keep search logs, and maybe its just me, but removing this service at least from my sight makes me feel a lot better. Another reason to turn off the personalization service is, if any of you are a Search Account Manager, this may skew the results for your clients.

Google is getting more and more invasive and I don’t like it

Google PageRank Update Last Night

If you don’t know what PageRank is, its a little measurement that Google has in their tool bar to calculate the quality of a website. Basically, a higher-quality website receives a higher page rank, well that is what Google says even though most of us in the industry know it is a horrible indicator and is mostly a measurement of backlinks.

Anyway, in the blogsphere it is a sort of e-penis contest “Mine is bigger then yours” and here is a list of some of the blogs I check daily and their new PageRank since Google made their quarterly update. 2 to 4 0 to 4
AxisofStevil 2 to 3 6
Thomas 0 to 4

and apparently my wife has a bigger e-penis then I 0 to 5

I’m proud of her, she’s kicking a$$ with her blog, getting lots of traffic as well.

Here is a reliable PageRank checker, most on the web are not up to date