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I love college football and I’m a big Fantasy Football guy, so when I heard about College Fantasy Football by CBS Sportsline I was little excited. I’m not quite sure how it will work but I setup a league to test it out.

It looks the same as NFL Fantasy Football but the one major difference I can tell is it doesnt use names of players. I know there are some legalities with using those names, thats why all of the video games for college sports don’t do it, but they don’t even use numbers. All of the players are labeled by things such as “Notre Dame Fighting Irish QB ND”. Hmmm i wonder who that could be!?

I can just see my friends now, drafting all Ohio State players, or all Tennecheat players and of course my team the fighting Philip Rivers will be made up of all NC State players :).

In theory this should be pretty kickas, but I think it may flop with the biggest problem being the names. Not that most of us don’t know the big named guys and their positions on certain teams but how many people know more then 2 kickers in college or more then 3 tight ends? NFL Fantasy Football drafts take long enough as it is after the first 4 rounds, when people have to pick a WR not named TO, Moss, Marvin or Holt. We all have that one Fantasy Owner who will say “Hold on while I google the backup TE for East Carolina Univ. I’m trying to find a sleeper!.”

I set my league for Autodraft and figured it would be worth a shot to play. IF you want to take on “The Fighting Philip Rivers” then join up and get your whippin!

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  1. will

    all NCSU? Good thing you’re your not playing yourself for money or you may have to do a self rwach around. 😎

  2. Vince

    …from Deadspin…

    I feel the same way about the names being absent on CBS.

    I run the website, and we are 100% against playing the game with units when everyone knows the player identities. Best our legal research can tell is that all college players are public figures, and the stats they generate exist in the public domain. By that measure, there should be no issue in using the player names and likenesses for fantasy endeavours. As long as those likenesses are not used in promoting a business, the eligibility of the player is not i n jeopardy and fantasy sports enthusiasts would get the best possible experience.

    So that only leaves the over-officious NCAA as the culprit. Imagine the considerable pressure they apply to CBS – “If you want to continue to have the rights to broadcast our games and especially the college basketball tournament, do us a little favor and do not use the names of our players on your fantasy game.” Same with CSTV (who was recently bought by CBS), no player names there either. The NCAA, while allowing schools to make tons of cash with “replica” Texas #10 jerseys, are so concerned with the spectre of gambling that they miss out on an opportunity to make an even more intimate connection with their fans.

    Our corporate partners and I feel strongly about this, and we use player names on all of our analysis, and our partners like do the same thing. While our sites are subscription based, you don’t have to deal with the corporate dilution of fantasy college football.

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