Moving from iPhone first Gen to iPhone 3Gs

I’m putting this up for anyone who may have bought an iPhone 3G S and is waiting for it to be activated.  I had pre-ordered mine and it arrived on June 19th as promised but it was not active.  I went through the process of restoring setting it all up and waiting as many sites reported the iPhone 3Gs may take up to 2 days for activation.  I carried around both phones and patiently waited for the new iPhone to activate with no luck. 

After a day my patience wore thin and decided to pop out both SIM cards on my iPhone first gen and the new iPhone 3Gs and to my surprise they we exactly the same other than the long # associated with it.  So I switched the SIMs and magically my iPhone 3G S started working, 3G service and all.  I’m assuming eventually the old SIM will stop working and I’ll have to switch them back but for now, my new 3Gs is working and I didn’t have to wait for the activation.

Hopefully this helps someone.

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