Great Article On Google’s Intentions to Control the Internets

I posted the other day about Google coming to North Carolina, but here is another article that goes a little more indepth on Google’s intentions. Think Google + ATT + Time Warner.

here are a couple notable exceprts:

GoogleBell? Google Google & T? GoogleVision?

The answer is pretty simple. Google intends to take over most of the functions of existing fixed networks in our lives, notably telephone and cable television.

I love BitTorrent but this is scary

Looking at this problem from another angle, right now somewhat more than half of all Internet bandwidth is being used for BitTorrent traffic, which is mainly video. Yet if you surveyed your neighbors you’d find that few of them are BitTorrent users. Less than 5 percent of all Internet users are presently consuming more than 50 percent of all bandwidth.

$500 Google stock a bargain? Hey, Thomas, sure glad we didn’t buy that IPO

Seeing Google as their only alternative to bankruptcy, the ISPs will all sign on, and in doing so will transfer most of their subscriber value to Google, which will act as a huge proxy server for the Internet. We won’t know if we’re accessing the Internet or Google and for all practical purposes it won’t matter. Google will become our phone company, our cable company, our stereo system and our digital video recorder. Soon we won’t be able to live without Google, which will have marginalized the ISPs and assumed most of the market capitalization of all the service providers it has undermined — about $1 trillion in all — which places today’s $500 Google share price about eight times too low.

How long before we see a Google tax?

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