Quintura Visual Search Engine

Not too long ago I posted my thoughts on why people should look towards other search engines and not rely so much on Google. Like the Ask.com commercial says “It’s not better, it’s just more popular.”

It’s a statement I couldn’t agree with more, there are other engines out there that will provide you with the results you want instead of a lot of fluff. One of those Engines is Quintura, but with a twist.

Quintura is a VISUAL search engine which you can see in this screenshot Visual Search. Unlike your every day engine Quintura pulls its results from a wide range search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN Search, Google, Technorati, and many more.

Quintura sort of uses the Ask.com technology of being able to refine your search with a single click, but in my opinion the execution is a better with Quintura.

Quintura is def one of those engines that could change the way YOU search. You can see a demo of Quintura Search in action here and here, but you should download the Quintura’s search client here and try it out for yourself.

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  1. Yakov

    Evan, thank you for reviewing Quintura. It uses a neural net technology. We also launched a web service at http://search.quintura.ru for the Russian market. The service for global web community will be launched shortly. Stay tuned to our developments!

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