Argentina: Back to Buenos Aires

After a kickass time in Puerto Igazu we hopped a plane back to Buenos Aires for one more day of the big city before we head south to Patagonia. We knew we didn’t have much time in BA but looking back on it we definitely think another day or two there is in order. For no other reason other than the fact we feel like we missed something although we aren’t sure what exactly.

We used our last day in Buenos Aires to explore a few unseen areas, shop at some local markets and visit the famous Recoleta Cemetary. We got off the plane, jumped in a cab and asked to go to the cemetary, which must have been an odd request bc the old driver looked at us like we were crazy. The cemetary is unlike any other cemetery Ive ever seen. There are no rolling hills of green grass lined with small tombstones, but instead a few blocks of large sarcophagi (monuments) stuffed into every square inch of this place. And discounting the tourists in this place, it felt alive. Scott and I both felt a very odd vibe walking through this place and didn’t linger around very long.

We left and thought it would be easy to walk to the nearest subte (subway) station and catch it to our hostel which was yet another bad Buenos Aires decision as we ended up walking what must have been 55 blocks! At least we did our best to see the entire city.

Back at our hostel to do some planning for the next day’s trip and take a very Argentinian mid-day nap. During which Scott scouted out a classic tango show nearby that we figured we’d check out while in Argentina. So around 930pm we stumbled to the uncrowded show and paid yet another price that was at least twice as much as specified in our trusty lonely planet! We were told the show was delayed and we could head upstairs to the tango class to participate or watch. Since I couldn’t get Senor Scott to tango with me we just watched for a bit until we were told the show was canceled and given our money back. We left still ignorant of the tango and hit the streets in search of dessert and cerveza and when we found a place Scott got a bit over his head with his dulche de leche crepes and ice cream soda, but it was delicious!

Back at our hostel it didn’t take long for us to get ready for our early flight and pass out.

Buenos Aires highlights
– Markets
– recoletta cemetary
– 16 lane highway
– unreal cityscapes
– dinner with the girls
– Beef! (and other organs)
– buddy bears
– monster calzones
– converter searching
– painting with fire
– introduction to Quilmes
– sketchy taxis