Argentina: Puerto Igazu & Igazu Falls

This will be a short entry because nothing my feeble brain can write will do the Igazu Falls any kind of justice. I doubt even my pictures will but they will get their own post when I get home. The attached picture was taken from my lame iPhone camera with only a small portion of the falls visible.


Small portion of Igazu Falls taken with the iPhone

Simply put the Igazu Falls were the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen, I can not even imagine anything else taking my breath away like they did. Across every catwalk and around every bend my jaw would drop farther and farther. It’s a must see!

Puerto Igazu, the town that hosts the falls is a great little place a bit touristy but still full of charm. They have to be doing something right if it’s the top destination for Argentinians every year.

Puerto Igazu Highlights:
the Falls
– Scott’s clay face – some local made Scott´s face out of clay while we ate dinner, it was hilarious! 
– best steak ever @ Color… Too bad Scott ordered it and not me!
– Live music by Los de Igazu (bought the CDs)
– super chill hostel outside bar with new facebook friend Ignacio the bartender / DJ with great music.

More to come on the Igazu Falls as I have time.

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