Bienvenietos Argentina

Day 1 and 2 were officially the longest 48 hrs ever. Somehow on our overnight flight from Miami we got bumped from our exit row seats to middle isle seats on a 747, ugh! Thankfully there weren’t any large freakos next to us but it made sleeping nearly impossible. Thanks to Tylenol PM I got in a couple of hours using my bag as a pillow on the tray table and scotty got some thanks to his neck snuggie (patent pending!)

We stumbled through customs and bumbled our way to a bus to take us to our hostel….or so we thought. The bus lumbered through the slums of BA and eventually came to a stop at a mini estacition. “this can’t be it” Scott says to me, we are in the middle of the city with no landmarks in sight. We sit on the bus for a minute pondering where we are and what we are doing until we realized we were the only ones left on the bus, other than the Dutch woman who was as confused as we were. “this must be it” we said to each other, so we grabbed our bags and hopped off. We asked for directions to a landmark we knew of but had no clue what the guy was talking about. To make a long story short (and less boring) we wandered about 15 city blocks dodging traffic and pedestraians while the hot Sun beat down on us. Sweat covered and starving we finally found our hostel and made bee-line to the biggest steak we could find.

The rest of the day was filled with taking 334 wrong turns as we made our way through the city looking at the sites until we made it back to the hostel and collapsed for a bit.  Breanne had given us an email address of an old roommate who now lives in Argentina and to our surprise she was in Buenos Aires!  I had emailed her early in the day and she promptly replied and offered to drag us two gringos around with her and her friends to dinner and some drinks.  We were dead tired but hell we are only in BA once (ok twice but whatever) so we obliged and she gave us directions to meet her at her flat.  Scotty and I hopped the subway to meet up with Rachel and after a few drinks went out to a typical Argentine dinner at 10:30pm.  We ate at one of their typical favorite spots and it was delicious.  Scotty had an Salmon dish and I had a pasta dish while we shared some misc. dips and spreads that were delicious even though no one knew what they were.   I also found a red wine that I liked, which is  big for me since I am not a big red wine fan but the 2007 Trumpeter Malbec was delicious and right up my alley.  Rumors are abundant that we can ship cases of wine back to the US, which Ill be sure to do if the chance presents itself. 

I have no idea what time we got home but thanks to Rachel, Kelly and Molly for a good time and if by some chance they read this, dont worry we didnt get kidnapped and we dodged all the zombie dust attempts.

Next stop, Puerto Igazu for the Igazu Falls!

ps’ sorry for the lack of punctuation, these keyboards are ridiculous!